Howdy, I'm Edlin 👋🏼

A former food founder, current farm marketer, and future farmer...

After 13 years in New York City and San Francisco tech, I moved to a remote town in the deep south of Georgia to live and work on a farm that produces carbon negative beef through rotational grazing.

I've worked at a Fortune 500 food giant, a handful of early-stage tech startups, and a hyper-growth unicorn in the food delivery space. I've dreamed of starting my own farm since 2009, and after 10 years pursuing the conventional markings of success, this is the start of that journey. Finally.

Agriculture has the power to sequester carbon, rebuild soil life, restore our collective health, reinvigorate communities, and empower and sustain local economies. Join me as I learn more about better food, better agriculture, and better health.

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