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Gift Cards, Meat Morals, Veggie Burgers...

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Alright, onto this week's update!


💸 Last night, I launched my first big campaign as the new marketing manager at White Oak Pastures. We're calling it #RestaurantRainchecks and it's a giveaway of the gift cards we bought from some Atlanta restaurants. With all the social distancing / self isolating / sheltering in place, we wanted to support the chefs and restaurants who have supported us over the years by giving them some much needed cash flow to weather the storm.

Enter the giveaway here if you're in Atlanta. Or share it with a friend who is - send em that link, tag em on the IG post, or just forward this email.

If you're not in Atlanta, checkout the giveaway page for ways to help the local restaurants in your community.

If you or your company want to host a similar giveaway, feel free to reach out. Happy to share some tips.


✍️ I posted another essay on Medium. No, not part two of leaving tech to move to a farm, sorry. Took a little detour to get this one up first. Someone asked me, in a nice way, how I feel about eating meat when I clearly show compassion for these animals on the farm. Was a good exercise in consolidating some of my thoughts on this question from over the years. If you've found yourself swept up by the plant-based hype, or you're angsty about the morality of eating meat vs vegetables, give it a read. There's some stuff in there that might be surprising. PS - Yes, the "intelligent friend" I mention in that article is on this list 😬


🚜🌎 ICYMI: Mainstream news outlets are FINALLY starting to understand the complete story on agriculture and climate crisis. It's comforting to know that responsible journalism isn't dead, and that there are still journalists out there digging for environmental stories beyond press releases and greenwashed corporate dribble. Watch the 3.5 minute video and read the very good overview of how regenerative agriculture works.


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